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Gary DiVincenzo (owner): 610-212-3070 gary@hybrid-cycles.com
Jim Wylie (rentals):       484-753-3581 jim@hybrid-cycles.com
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Visit the West Chester Showroom

126 E. Gay Street, West Chester, PA 19380 (map)

On street parking is metered (25 cents for 10 min) weekdays. Free parking Sat till 5 and all day Sun. Chestnut St Garage is just a block away. Bring your ticket to the store for 30 min free parking stamp.

West Chester Showroom Hours:

Sat: 10am to 3pm
Tue - Fri: 10am to 4:30pm
Sun - Mon: Closed

About Hybrid Cycles

Don't buy an electric bike just anywhere! There are few shops like Hybrid Cycles that sell only electric bikes and have the knowledge and experience to sort out the good from the bad. We have up to 25 bikes in store with different models and a broad price range to compare. Read More ..

Our reputation is based on the quality of the bikes we sell. The following brands have consistently shown leadership in the electric bike industry and we are confident in our recommendations to you.

Easy Motion

Easy Motion's 2015 bikes have take a step up in style and technology with several center-drive train bikes and 12ah batteries in the same integrated-in-the-frame system.

List prices range from $1,799 (20" wheels) to $4,399 (Nitro). Call us for in store specials.

For detailed specs and prices, check the Easy Motion EBike page. Give us a call for current in-store prices.

Currie Tech

Currie Techs's bikes are powerful and fun. With lots of styles and colors and bikes for specfic functions. And new for 2015 are the high-end Haibikes with the Bosch center drive technology. You've got to ride it to appreciate the smooth transitions and power advantage of a center drive system.

List prices range from $799 (Vibe Standard) to over $6,000 (XDuro Haibike). Call us for in store specials.

For detailed specs and prices, check the Currie Tech IZIP and Haibike pages. Give us a call for current in-store prices.


Pedego bikes are comfortable and fun. The classic beach cruiser style makes recreational riding a blast. And the wide tires on the Trail Tracker will take you anywhere you want to go, even in loose terrain. The City Commuter and Boomerang offer standard street style and easy step-through designs.

List prices range from $2,199 (Cruiser) to $3,000 (Tracker). Call us for in-store specials.

For detailed specs and prices, check the Pedego Shop page. Give us a call for current in-store prices.

Specials - current in-store sales

Find The Word In The Sand Contest

Win $100 Discount on any E-Bike in the store

Win 3-Day Free Rental

Watch the video of Gary riding on the beach in Brigantine and find the word written in the sand.

Send the "word" to Gary@Hybrid-Cycles.com and you'll be entered into a drawing for one of 2 prizes: $100 discount or a 3-Day Free E-Bike Rental. If you're the only one to get it right, you get both prizes.

Rentals - try an ebike for a weekend or a week

Rent an e-bike: for an hour, a day, a weekend or for a week. Get a feel for how an e-bike will perform on your commute or your favorite bike route.

Pick up an e-bike at our store in West Chester or arrange for a meet-up at your trail.

If you end up buying an e-bike from us, we'll credit most of your rental fee towards your purchase price of a new bike.

SAME DAY: $10 per hour    $30 per day

WEEKEND: $50 per 3 days - any 3 days

WEEK: $100 per 7 days

Schedule A Rental: Visit our West Chester showroom, or contact Jim at jim@hybrid-cycles.com (484-753-3581)

Service & Repair - We fix all kinds of bikes

Bike Service

Hybrid Cycles has a full service bicycle (electric and fully human powered bikes) assembly and repair shop. The service center is headed up by Peter Kellerman and John Milby.

Services provided include:

  • Bike Assembly
  • Accessory Installation
  • Seasonal Tune Up
  • Brake Adjustments
  • Tire Repair or Replacement
  • Chain Repair or Replacement
  • Gear Shifter Adjustment
  • Fitting
  • Wheel Truing
  • Electrical System Checkout

Bring your bike in for an estimate. Pull up out front and we'll help you bring it into the store.

Schedule A Repair: Give us a call to schedule a drop-off or repair estimate. 610 212-3070